Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    The ABACO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a culinary treasure, healthy and natural, rich in vitamins and nutrients, both for eating raw and for cooking and frying.
    A sweet taste that is travelling around more than 50 countries.

    Company History:

    In the olive oil sector since 1840, FFAIGES is a company with agricultural roots born of Faiges family effort and work. Since it was created, 3 generations have been working with a challenge: to build a corporation on two basic principles: tradition and quality. Now, to reach our objectives in business we count on our facilities strategically: TORTOSA, DAIMIEL and LOS NAVALMORALES.

    We keep growing. So, as well as we can offer an integrated service in the olive oil market, we have bet on consolidating the leading place with the new production centre in Daimiel where we work with the state-of-the art technology implemented on the olive oil production.

    According to this philosophy, we have established a policy to position us in the international market that has taken our company to be in 50 countries world wide as olive oil suppliers and we have become ambassadors of the Mediterranean Diet.

    Production Methods:

    All the points in our production process are controlled by Quality Department that guarantees and certifies each and every product, following strictly traceable controls. This enables us to carry out thorough monitoring from the time the fruit is on the mills to the point it reaches the consumer, and makes it possible for consumers to know at all times where the oil they are consuming comes from.

    Furthermore, production is carried out according to the rules laid down for the IFS and BRC providing all our customers with the very highest guarantee in quality and healthiness.

    We have our own Taste Panel to guarantee our customers the same organoleptic characteristics and attributes, that we have available according to the different requirements of our consumers.

    Awards and accolades:


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