Aceites Vizcántar By Fermín Rodríguez

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Maximun Acidity: 0.3
    maximun peroxide rate: 15 m.e.q. O
    K270: =<0.20
    K232: =<2.5
    DK: =<0.01
    Wax: =<250mg / kg
    Impurities: =<0.1%
    Humidity: =<0.1%

    Company History:

    Aceites Vizcántar is a firm which specializes in the production of olive oil. Its oil carries the regional guarantee of origin and quality label D.O. Priego de Córdoba and is produced organically. The company has registered Señorio de Vizcántar and EcoVizcántar as trademarks.

    Vizcántar Olive Oil has its head office in Priego de Córdoba and collaborates with other olive oil producers in the region to produce an oil that conforms to the D.O Priego de Córdoba guarantee. The guarantee defines the essential features of the locally produced olive oil and does so in accordance with the unique geography, climate, olive varieties and agricultural tradition that set our region apart from other olive oil producing areas.

    Vizcántar Olive Oil intends to put its new commercial awareness into practice and enable our visitors to taste and sample our products: different kinds of olive oil, olive paste and olive jam (most of which are also organic products), and cosmetics made from olive oil.

    Production Methods:

    Señorio de Vizcántar

    The olive oil production process starts with the cultivation of the trees under strict phytosanitary controls for pest and disease. After a carful harvest, staggered in accordance with the degree of ripeness of each variety, the fruit is transported to the olive press for an immediate miling to avoid damage to the fruit.

    After the milling and pressing of the olive paste at a temperature of no more than 28ºC, the liquid is mechanically decanted in two phases (as no alpecin is involted, the process in entirely organic).

    Once the solids are separated from the liquid, the latter is channeled through a vertical centrifuge to remove remaining solid impurities. another decanting gets rid to excess humidity and prepares the oil for storage in “trujals”, large underground containers whisch protect the oil against light, high temperatures, and contact with the air.

    Samples are taken from the “trujals” for evaluation by the Regulatory Council for the D.O Priego de Córdoba. A selection of oils from the best-scoring samples are assigned the trade name Señorio de Vicántar.

    EcoVizcántar is an extra-virgin olive oil obtained from olives, using organic production methods, that is, methods which aim to grow and harvest prime produce while safeguarding the environment and preserving the soil´s fertility. Organic agriculture makes optimun use of natural resources and avoids the use of synthetic chemicals.

    Organic agriculture is a way of farming based on the fllowing principles:

    • To grow food of a higher quality: in terms of nutricional value, in terms of flavour, in terms of health, and in terms of its impact on the environment.
    • To support and intensify the natural biological cycles within the agricultural system (relating to micro-organisms, the soil flora and fauna, and other plants and animals).
    • To mantain and increase the fertility of the soil and thus to contribute to long-term conservation.
    • To minimize all forms of contamination the could result from established agricultural practices.
    • To allow farmers to gain a satisfactory living out the land, not only financially, but also in terms of labour satisfaction and by enjoying a healthy work environment.
    • To take into account the broad social and ecological ramifications of the agricultural system.
    • To take steps towards a production system that is enterely organic, socially just and ecologically responsible.

    EcoVizcántar is produced in the line with these principles and carries, moreover, DO Priego de Córdoba certification, thus guaranteeing optimal nutrition, flavour and purity.

    Awards and accolades:

    Aceites Vizcantar Gold Medal Award in Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2011, and silver medal in 2010.
    Señorio Vizcántar has been awarded with Prestige Gold in TerraOlivo 2010 and 2011.
    Señorio de Vizcántar Diztinzione in LÓrciolo D’Oro in the 13º Concorso Internacionale Oli Extravergini Di Oliva Emisfero Nord 2011
    Señorio de Vizcántar wins Goutte D’Argent of SIAL Canada 2010. Fruité Léger Light Fruit Flavour

    *All Information is provided by the producer.