Agricola Petrarella By DIODATI NICOLA

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    The nose stands out the olive green, with hints of grass hay, tomato and herbs. The taste is initially sweet, the palate offers hints of vegetable oil and sour, bitter and spicy with a dominating closing. We recommend use of Soups and red meats and game.

    Company History:

    The farm, owned by the family DIODATI, born in the late 1600, when Michelangelo DIODATI on behalf of the King of Bourbon, he moved to Naples and settled in Albanian Spezzano (CS).

    Since then the company has always had the prestigious breeding horses were bred Salerno that once supplied the cavalry of the Army. In the company among other things has cultivated the olive tree, in fact one of the companies we are still King James Version of olive trees native plants are currently making a good extra virgin olive oil

    For about fifteen years has proceeded to the transformation of one of the companies, irrigation specialist with olive trees, planting new varieties of plants of about sixteen thousand in other Italian regions such as nocellara Belice, Leccino and Frantoio.

    Production Methods:

    The olives are pressed in the mill business, in the same day of collection not to affect oil quality. The company relies on oil for the production of modern olive oil plant of the company Alfa-Lawal, which contribute mainly to the production of high-quality oil. Also uses its own filtering and bottling plant to manufacture their own oil. The whole production is followed by highly skilled technicians to certify the product quality and taste.

    Awards and accolades:

    Thema Copenaghen, Premio miglior Biologico Calabrese.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.