AiQ 0,5 By AiQ International Trade Co. Ltd

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Our Organic and Extra Virgin Olive OIl produced by Koroneiki Variety indigenous only to Greece, has a magnificent aroma of fresh cut grass, a rich fluid texture and a peppery taste.

    Company History:

    AiQ International Trade Co. Ltd is an entity formed by people with strong conviction in the hidden untapped value in the Greek land. Our people strongly believe that can challenge, in a productive way, the traditional business practise and offer to the world the Greek Olive Oil , the “Liquid Gold” as referred to by Homer. Our people share the principles of consistency and professionalism, the need to create and to discover, the vision to create value and to share that value we the community.

    AiQ’s products are originated from Laconia and Messinia , the Olive Lands of perfection. Its range of products goes from Organic X.V.O.O , Extra Virgin OLive Oil to Olive Fruit and Olive Paste.

    Production Methods:

    Olive Oil is produced from olive trees of Koroneiki variety grown in the land of the Peloponnese overlooking the Aegean blue sea. Olives are handpicked with nets on the ground using traditional methods. Then solely by mechanical means and under particular thermal conditions that do not lead to alterations in oil (Cold Extraction), olive oil is extracted of a unique spicy fruity flavor and an aroma that caprtures the smell of the Greek land and the Aegan sea winds.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.