Eliris By Ktima Efthimiadi

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Sharply aromatic aroma which is very herbaceous with cut wet grass, salad leaves and culinary herbs. Lemon skin citrus tones with kumquats follow on with a touch of green tomatoes and apples.

    Sweet salad bowl of flavours with green leaves, artichokes, cut herbs and tomatoes with a lemony tang. This is followed by a burst of pepper with very light bitterness that fades to leave a sweet, leafy after-taste with some tomato skins and a touch of nuts which lingers on for some time.

    This is a delicate style of oil with a good deal of character.

    Overall Assessment:
    This is an excellent olive oil. There is an interesting and appealing complexity in the aromas and an attractively sweet taste with a well balanced peppery punch that never swamps the flavour tones. The after taste reflects the aromas and flavours and lingers in the mouth.

    Company History:

    Founded by Iris’ late father, Euripides Efthimiadis in 1974, the estate was chosen for its stunning position in the foothills of the Menikio mountains and specifically for its perfect growing conditions for olive & nut trees. His passion for good food & nature, led him to plant the estate with olive, almond, fig, walnut & many fruit trees, such as peach, pear, apple, pomegranate & cherry to name a few.

    Euripides devoted all his spare time to the grove & his family, planting a rare collection of 2,500 olive trees of legendary varieties from the four corners of Greece. A lake was created, fed with fresh mountain spring water to irrigate the young olive trees. He fully believed in an organic approach to cultivating olives, but unfortunately didn’t get to live his dream of sharing the fruits of the grove with others.

    “It is this legacy that we have returned to fulfil, embracing his passion & work ethic, to create fine organic olive oil, table olives and tapanade from our cherished trees. We love it, it’s our inspiration and we want to share this with you.”

    Ktima Efthimiadi is managed ‘with meraki’ by Iris & Sam, who met while working in London. Iris returned home in October 2008 to honour her father’s memory by tending her family’s land, rejuvenating the grove and building a business of real value.

    Together with her English fiancé, Sam, they have embraced time-honoured organic methods for sustainable agriculture, proudly producing the finest quality, fresh products from their cherished family olive trees, with a commitment to quality, the environment and support for the local, rural economy.

    “We are both passionate and dedicated to our craft. It’s more than just the joy of working with nature and supporting our family, it’s about making a positive impact on the world, producing something of real value and sharing our story with those who are inspired to join us for the journey.”

    Iris Efthimiadou & Sam Lord

    Production Methods:

    Eliris extraordinary organic olive oil is a signature field blend, produced solely from olives grown on the estate. Pruned and harvested by hand with skill, care and a passion for the craft, olives are picked early in the season as they begin to ripen (October and November) and quickly extracted in a clean, state of the art Pieralisi olive mill and stored in a temerature controlled environment on the estate.

    Eliris is only ever presented in small premium dark glass bottles sold exclusively from the current season. All bottles are numbered and provide quality analysis, harvest season and best before information, which we limit to 18 months from harvest, not bottling.

    We believe authentic, fresh olive oil produced with ‘meraki’, is an experience to be savoured everyday and this is our promise.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.