Elixir d’Olivier By Patrick & Chantal OCHS

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    The Fiery taste is obtained with green olives (variety Aglandau). Says that olive oil by its typical aromas of raw artichoke, cut grass, the scent of fresh hay and a slight peppery note.

    It goes very well with food high in taste, flavors marked: salad of endive, arugula, cucumber, poultry, game, red mullet, sea bass salt, goat cheese …

    The Discrete single varietal olive oil extra virgin is obtained with green olives (variety Bouteillan) any fresh. She says her character with aromas of fresh almonds, banana, pear and sweet harmony.

    It supports and enhances the tastes of dishes by the fineness of the oil.

    It fits very well with the delicate flavors of the dishes: summer salads, vegetable spring,artichokes cooked fish but also for desserts with chocolate or strawberries.

    Precious corresponds to the first few drops of olive oil, derived solely from the crushing of olives in granite millstones. The Precious favors an intense fruit and aromas of green fruit, sensations and aromas of leaf herbaceous.

    It fits perfectly with salads, fruit, fish flavors marked, steamed vegetables, grilled red meats …

    Company History:

    The domain of Patrick et Chantal Ochs is located in Beaumont in Perth on the land of the Haute Provence. The mill, designed according to traditional methods of crushing, is located in the heart of an olive orchard of 1700 trees.

    Patrick Ochs & Chantal are “oliverons”, that means olive growers and millers. This implies two different knowledge but very complementary. The expertise of growers allows them to give the utmost care to their olive trees and their olives.

    The expertise of miller gives them the necessary requirement to develop an olive character. And they control the entire chain from olive to olive oil.

    Production Methods:

    Patrick & Chantal work their olive trees with the greatest respect for nature. Their orchard is certified organic (certified by Ecocert SAS F32600). Harvesting olive trees is purely mechanical (by hand) and no chemicals are embedded in the ground. All contributions are natural to feed the soil and allow the olive to develop in perfect harmony with nature. The olive trees are pruned carefully each year in March. The olives are picked in November, the beginning of the olive harvest, by hand and comb. They are immediately brought to the mill to be crushed, thus ensuring exceptional nutritional quality.

    The traditional mill is certified organic and meets all international food standards. The olives are sorted, washed and then crushed between granite millstones that rotate slowly so as not to heat the fruit. The olive paste is then kneaded thoroughly to establish and intense fruity oil that are part of the typical characteristics of olive oils from Haute Provence.

    Finally, the mainstream press with the “stainless steel” mats allows the extraction of olive oil by simple mechanical process. This is an extra virgin olive oil, truly cold pressed.

    Awards and accolades:

    FLOS OLEI 2011 – Guide des meilleures huiles du monde – Marco Oreggia
    Le guide des gourmands 2011

    *All Information is provided by the producer.