Elona By Elona Corp

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    A pure extra virgin olive oil harvested from our fields in Sparta, Laconia with a well balanced taste and fruity notes.
    Spartan is bringing out the charateristics of its origin while its full body develops frim the grinding of the olives.

    Delicious when drizzled over baked slices of country bread, cambined perfectly with fresh or grilled vegetables and
    any other of your favorite dishes, providing a delicate and sweet flavour.

    Just a true expression of freshness and finest quality on your table.

    Company History:

    Elona Corp is a growing organization in farming , packaging and exporting products coming from olive oil and olives.

    The company is vertically intergrated with private land so as to have the absolute control of the production, while using large plant facilities of packaging, which are compatible with all the international standards.

    The flexible form of management, where executives from all the stages of production, packaging and promotion of the products participate in, as well as the 30-year-old experience of our colleagues, make us capable of gazing at the future of the company within the international market with confidence and certainty.

    ╬čur name is our promise.

    Production Methods:

    The fruit of olives are harvested by hands, without mechanical means or by using sticks to bring them down, so as not to destroy the olive trees and to keep the production stable under all conditions.

    Later on what follows is the selection/screening and surveillance carried out by our experienced staff that check the fruit of olive for signs of scub, olive fly, and for the appropriate colour.

    The olives are first cold pressed under certain conditions of pressure and temperature within 10 hours after harvest in order not to loose any of the natural ingredients in the air.

    This is what provides our product with its unique taste, aroma and excessive quality.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.