Helea By Helea Premium Greek Olive Products Emporium


    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Helea olive oil has a fruity aroma and the light bitterness from the antioxidants. We suggest to let your tongue experience the smooth peppery feeling and the oil’s pungency in your throat.
    Helea olive oil can accompany a wide range of gastronomic explorations through unlimited combinations and recipes. It can be added to a fresh vegetable salad in order to highlight its aromas. It is ideal and healthy during cooking but it can also be added to a served meal. A few drops can add a unique flavor to a piece of grilled meat or fish.

    Company History:

    Life and nature are all about balance and so is Helea, a balanced partnership of three young entrepreneurs who are at the same time parents, businessmen and, above all, olive oil enthusiasts.
    Despite our diverse backgrounds with different social, academic, and professional engagements in different parts of the world, we have come to share a common passion for healthy living and tasty nutrition and, at the same time, appreciate the need to balance the modern hectic lifestyle in the big cities with the ability to slow down and experience small moments of everyday joy. Thus Helea was born in late 2012 through the desire to source the unspoiled product of the Hellenic land tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

    Our mission is to help people around the globe improve the quality of their everyday lives through the introduction of high quality olive products and especially olive oil in their daily routine. We develop only premium quality products and place considerable emphasis in designing them to offer clients the best consumer experience: health and nutritional benefits, taste and aromas of the ingredients, practicality and minimal modern design of the packaging are some of the things we focus on.

    At Helea we believe that life tastes more or less like olive oil. There are times that it is sweet and soft, and times that it is bitter and intense. All the balance of life concentrated in a drop from the fruit of the holy ancient Greek tree. Balance, purity, selectivity, and above all, well-being. Helea! how life tastes

    Production Methods:

    Helea olive chooses to harvest it’s olives from groves with south orientation, humid local micro climate insulated from high temperatures in the summer and frosts in the winter, high quality of soil, limited use of irrigation systems, healthy regularly pruned trees ideally of Koroneiki variety, which typically yield higher quality olive oils.

    To safeguard the quality of the end product, Helea olive oil is extracted by olives that are handpicked early on, relatively unripe, taken to the olive press within hours of their collection, and cold pressed solely with mechanical means. Then we store the olive oil in stainless tanks, and eventually we bottle it in protective atmosphere to ensure top quality of the end product.

    Also, we do business only with olive mills and packaging plants that comply with the highest quality, health & safety standards, and are ISO and HACCP certified.

    Awards and accolades:

    The Pharmaceutical Department’s Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry of the University of Athens analyzed Helea’s extra virgin olive oil from Strefi Messinias and found remarkably high concentrations for oleocanthal (399 mg/kg vs. a typical average of 99 mg/kg) and oleacein (283 mg/kg vs. a typical average of 48 mg/kg), two of the main polyphenolic compounds responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action of olive oil.
    According to this 2-year analysis of more than 250 samples, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the polyphenolic content of Helea olive oil is more than triple compared to the typical average extra virgin olive oil, and the highest ever registered for a Greek olive oil according to UofA report.
    Oleacein is a derivative of oleuropein and the most powerful antioxidant constituent of olive oil.
    Oleocanthal is claimed to have potential to inhibit tumor growth, to offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease and to be a COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor. It is responsible for the pungency that comes from unripe olives in fresh olive oil and that irritates the throat. Regular and long-term exposure to low doses of anti-inflammatory agents like oleocanthal offers protection against cardiovascular diseases and aging.
    Helea’s network of experts have tasted and analyzed in the lab more than 100 olive oils to discover and procure this unique extra virgin olive oil for our customers, thus delivering on our promise to source the best of each year’s production.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.