Igadi Ye-Oliva By Van Wassenhove Fernand


    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    The ripened olives produce a pale gold olive oil with a sweetness of ripe bananas and a little touch of walnuts and almonds no bitterness, and peppery found.
    This oil is like a good marriage it strolls smoothly over the palette and marry at the same time with the food.

    Food pairing -after cooking add to grilled steak -fish -salads -vegetables

    Company History:

    IGADI is the translated Xhosa name for “Garden off the olive”the first name of the olive oil, IGADI YE-OLIVA and the whole concept is a trademark product from exquisite quality.

    The Estate situated in the superb meander off the klaasvoogd river, Western Cape Robertson.

    In 2005 the Belgian family Ferdinand and Gina with 3 teenagers moved to South-Africa. Igadi is a family-operated olive estate — the farm has 117 ha with 15 ha olives. The farm is build on bio-dynamic principles. Today there is only a place for organic, bio energetic and environmentally-friendly farming. No chemicals used in the farming process it produces its own compost and extract for feeding the trees. The exceptional Klaasvoogd soil gives the unique Igadi’s extra virgin olive oil.

    IGADI YE-OLIVA (Olive Garden) the name gives the oil a new dimension in the journey off balance with pure flavours given by mother earth gentle and soft. Extra virgin olive oil is the essence of nature. The oil has an extraordinary antioxidant and polyphenolic content that makes a natural antagonist of cancer and heart disease, yet they are the gourmet delight. The olive trees from Italian varieties grow on the slopes of the Kranskop in the Klaasvoogd Valley Robertson

    IGADI is producing from 2012 a collector’s item with a limited edition of 3500 bottles for the niche market

    Production Methods:


    The olives are handpicked as early 6 in the morning till 12.00 Hours the olives,then the olives go to the factory to be controlled on there quality -washed-pressed
    Our exclusive method.

    Our exclusive “Live Oil” method of harvesting, pressing with the latest ALFA LAVAL pressing machine from Italy. Due to our demand to make unique World oils, we are able to press different types of oils . The extra virgin oil will reach in the same condition they left the press—intact and alive.

    To protect their goodness and health benefits, we devised a unique procedure to combat oxidation and deterioration until you open the bottle. To prevent oxidation caused by contact with air that would be trapped after bottling, we work with inert gases. We cork our oil, like a wine. This beautiful wooden cork is filled with synthetic stopper so that this cannot affect the oil.

    We produce 50.000 liters a year

    Awards and accolades:

    2007 Silver Award SA OLIVE
    2010 Golden Award SA OLIVE

    *All Information is provided by the producer.