Jerebica By Kristjan Jerebica

    Company History:

    Our olive oil is certified extra virgin olive oil Slovenian Istria (EDOOSI PDO). What it means to obtain this certificate for customers?

    Extra virgin olive oil Slovenian Istria is a European certificate confirming the superior quality olive oil and that olive oil has a higher level than extra virgin because of this certificate requires significantly more stringent criteria. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the buyer says that the olives are harvested the area of Slovenian Istria that the oil is produced at temperatures 27 degrees with cold pressed method, the olives are mostly native varieties Istrian white and the olives are processed into oil earlier than 48 hours of picking.

    Olive groves are entered in the register of olive cultivation in the Ministry (MAFF) in the area of Slovenian Istra, which proves the origin of olive and olive oil, and it enables the marketing activity of olive oil. Of course, our olive groves and certified integrated production, which is one of the conditions for obtaining a certificate EDOOSI PDO. Only with strict conditions of production and processing of olives can produce excellent olive oil of the highest quality.

    Production Methods:

    Olive is our traditional activity in which we are proud of more than one hundred years. In addition to young olive trees, olive groves and enrich our two hundred and more years old trees planted on hilly parts of Slovenian Istria.

    Extra virgin olive oil is a product of our year-round care and effort, which is derived from olives typical of Slovenian Istro.V lesser extent we also have native varieties, which add value to the oil. Among the trees so prevalent most famous Istrian white, Leccino, which gives you sweet taste of oil, Pendolino, Crnica, Storti, Bug, and many others.

    Awards and accolades:

    Gold Medal in Slovenia competition 2012
    Gold Medal in Croatia competition 2012

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