Kallaras By Marinos Kallaras

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Our natural olive oil comes from the’ Manaki’ olive tree variety, which has a distinctive soft taste and a gold-green colour.
    Kallaras extra virgin olive oil has an exquisite taste when used in cooking but the way to really savour it is by eating it raw eg.in a salad.

    Company History:

    Our ancestors planted the very trees my family have been cultivating and harvesting all our lives. The yearly practices of the olive oil production are a tradition of centuries for my family. We cultivate the olive trees with love and care throughout the year, harvest the olives from November to December and extract the olive oil in our own olive press, which is also situated in the small village of Klenia in the Peoloponnese. We bottle our olive oil in Korinthia’s co-operative, where it is also analyzed and certified in a top-notch bottling plant.

    Production Methods:

    Our olive oil is extracted from freshly picked olives on the very same day of the harvesting. It is cold extracted in our own mechanical olive press. We use a centrifugal system and no chemical additives. Our olive press was created in 1970 by my father who is now one of the three owners and is in charge of the extraction. In those 40 years of experience we have developed and improved our methods and earned the trust of the olive growers of our local community.

    We are personally responsible for the entire olive oil production.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.