Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    As we do single varietals and special coupage e.v., we can offer to consumer:
    – With our Special Coupage e.v.: Consistent quality all year around with very low peppery and bitterness but fruity.
    – With our Arbequina single varietal and Organic Arbequina you get perfect balance between mild flavour and intense aroma
    – With our Cornicabra single varietal you get sligthly bitter and fruity oil with hints of greens.
    – With our Picual single varietal you get slightly hint of sharpness, robust taste and peppery.

    – Our La Rambla UNICO e.v. estate harvest from Arbequina of LLeida province you just get something unique from very old tress in a dry weather with no irrigation what gives you a Unique taste, aroma and fruit with just cut grass smell and almond notes.

    Company History:

    We are a small Spanish firm founded by a group of professionals with over 20 years experience in the processing, commercialization and export of natural foods, especially olive oils, vinegars, olives, dried fruits, nuts, artichokes, etc.

    Founders of Hazienda La Rambla Co., have worked in great earnest and aim at enhancing quality to develop brands that today are internationally recognized. The Group is totally commited to integrity in the way we do business. Working with long term perspective, Hazienda La Rambla, has designed a new business model that seeks to share their passion for traditional natural foods and ethical principles with professionals and firms all over the planet. And this innovative business approach implies passionately fulfilling its five basic commandments, every single day:

    • Ethically Correct Trading
    • Consistent quality
    • Service Excellence
    • Competitive prices
    • Broad Array of Natural Products

    Production Methods:

    We have 3 single varietals Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

    • Arbequina from Tarragona province in the northeast of Spain, grown very close to Mediterranean sea
    • Cornicabra from Toledo and Ciudad Real provinces, central of Spain
    • Picual from Jaen, Cordoba an Granada provinces in the south of Spain,
    As well as:
    • Our Special Coupage Extra Virgin which consists a blend of 4 different olives varieties, all grown in Spain and
    • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil made 100 pct. from Arbequina olives from Tarragona province in the northeast of Spain.

    Our top of the range extra virgin is LA RAMBLA “UNICO” coming from 250 year old ARBEQUINA trees in a orchard of 7 has. in the province of Llleida in Catalonia, which is LA RAMBLA Estate oil and that we pack maximum 5.000 bottles of 500 ml a year.

    All e.v. are grown in Spain and our professional tasting team selects them on every batch of 25 m/tons around the year.

    Harvest is made mainly by hand on Arbequina single varietal and Organic, as well as LA RAMBLA “UNICO” arbequina e.v. and all are cold pressed..

    Awards and accolades:

    We do not participate on any contest, as it’s not part of our policy, our most important award is consummer satisfaction and mails we receive every week encouraging us to continue the way we do.

    Where to buy:

    • You can find our products in more than 20 countries, so far, including USA, for exact information, pls visit our webbsite
    *All Information is provided by the producer.