Merula By Marqués de Valdueza

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    David Rosengarten in his June 2010 Report writes: “I love the complexity of this oil… juxaposed with its accompanying buttery taste. Clear, bright, green-gold. Lightish feel, but with subtle, exceptional falvors: mint, basil, tomato-vine, even a whiff of vanilla. The slight bitterness in the finish is buffered by the butteriness!” The perfect ingredient for subtle, elegant dishes whre the olive oil is an accompaniment, nto the protagonist. Excellent wtih seafood, white fish, Japanese cooking, grilled vegetables, desserts wtih chocolate sauces, baking breads and pasteries, sauces for veal and white meats, cured cheeses and meats, and fruit salad. Try a drizzle on papaya with organde juice!

    Company History:

    The marquis de Valdueza family has been making fine olive oil on their Perales estate since 1624. Merula was created as a mild chef’s oil for sauces and finishing delicate dishes. This is an extra virgin olive oil for preparing mayonnaise, finishing sushi and sashimi, for baking and desserts, elegant greens and seafood salads, and fruit dishes. The marquis de Valdueza built one of the most modern olive oil mills in Extremadura, Spain, the home of many exquisite Spanish oils. Demostrating a clear dedication to the environment, the local Community, and to product and process quality, the marquis’ oils are found in some of the world’s finest kitchens, both professional and private.

    Production Methods:

    Careful hand and mechanical harvesting, where the hill-strew estate permits it, the marquis follows traditional planting and harvesting techniques, with the most modern, 2 cycle, closed circuit mill and bottling installations of the property. Like any exquisite olive oil, we make sure that the fruit reaches our mill in optiimum conditions, harvesting only in early, cool hours and using small 10 kilo boxes, whcih are immediately transported for milling minutes after harvest. The estate has been cared for by generations of the same families, whcih have worked the marquis’ land for hundreds of years. This knowlegdge of the land is reflected in the personality of our oils and the freshness ifound n every tin of Merula.

    Awards and accolades:

    Named on of five best olive oils in America by David Rosengarten in 2010 and one of the 18 best oils in the world by Ryori Ohkoku in Japan in 2011. Chosen by Chef Daniel Boulud as the House oil for his restaurant Boulud Sud in New York City.

    Where to buy:

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