Moulin Fortuné Arizzi By Jean-Charles Arizzi

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Our olive oil is characterized by specific tasting notes like artichoke, almond, fresh mowed grass, and distinguished by an exceptionally green color.

    Company History:

    For more than 2000 years, olive trees have grown in abundance in the region of Alpes de Haute-Provence in France. Located in this region, Les Mées is a picturesque village where tranquility and natural beauty preside. It is here that Fortuné Arizzi and his family settled many years ago. Through their efforts, the Olive Tree has been successfully re-introduced and re-cultivated on this land.

    Impassioned by this mythical tree, the Arizzi family manages today a plantation of more than 8,000 olive trees that is known for its environmentally conscious agriculture. To ensure the best quality of oil, an olive oil mill has been built on the premises.

    The Arizzi family’s loyal French and international clientele comes from throughout the world to visit this charming plantation where they are taken on a guided tour of the mill, the authentic pigeon-house museum, and the tempting boutique (which offers many natural products such as olive oil, soaps and gels scented with herbs of Provence, and natural olive tree wood sculptures created by regional artists).

    Production Methods:

    • early harvesting starting in November and ending in December
    • hand picked
    • olives are milled in less than 24 hours
    • continuous extraction in estate mill
    • anaerobic storage condition
    • hand bottled on demand
    *All Information is provided by the producer.