O2 By O2-Life

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Medium fruity, mildly bitter, with dense flavor.

    Ideal for salads, dressings, and various hot Mediterranean meals.

    Fantastic pairing with fresh hot bread, feta cheese, onions and oregano.

    Company History:

    O2-Life Co. from Naupaktia region in central Greece, has the objective and vision, to produce, store, bottle and offer, the highest attainable quality of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Naupaktia traditionally produces a superior taste Olive Oil, not marketed so far anywhere in the world.

    O2-Life innovates in the production of Olive Oil it offers, by reinventing, organizing and supervising the whole production cycle, from organic cultivation of Olive trees up to the certified hand bottling and shipment.

    In cooperation with a new technology Olive Oil press mill (ISO 22000 certified) we send the olives for pressing directly after harvest two times daily, minimizing therefore the crucial time gap between picking of olives and extraction of Olive Oil, to zero.

    In addition, we only bottle our Olive Oil upon customer demand in specially designed glass bottles, in our own certified bottling and storage installation.

    Due to our unique and demanding production process (cold extraction, in dual phase decanter, without water, directly after picking, olives picked and transporter with appropriate eco friendly means, reduced residues), the production quantity per year is very limited.

    We dedicate the largest amount of our resources and knowledge to the uniquely designed production of Olive Oil that we bottle, matched by appropriate elegant packaging.

    O2 reaches to people that demand and appreciate superior taste and unmatched nutritional quality, without having to pay an extremely high price for its innovative design and production method.

    The goal is to keep the value of our product on the inside and offer excellence to our customers.

    This is our O2 Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil concept.

    O2 Olive Oil glass bottles, are shipped with detailed actual chemical analysis before each bottling date, matching the specific numbered bottles only.

    Visit our website www.o2oliveoil.com for further details.

    Production Methods:

    Early Harvested (Agourelaio), from Organic cultivation.

    Olives are hand picked with use of slight mechanical means, pressed twice a day, directly after picking.

    Cold Extracted in ISO 22000:2005 Press Mill,in special organic product line, only for our Olives, without use of water.

    Stored in underground stainless steel tanks directly afterwards, protected from oxygen, heat and light.

    Hand bottled only upon customer demand.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.