Olevano By Olevano


    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Our Olevano first cold press extra virgin olive oil has a rich green color with a hint of gold, a rich, fruity aroma, similar to green leaves, herbs and raw tomatoes. It is full-bodied with a buttery flavor, pleasantly spicy with a hint of artichoke and thistle.

    Olevano EVOO is an all-purpose extra virgin olive oil from Italy near the Amalfi Coast. A blend of Rotondella, Carpellese, Frantoio, and Leccino olives gives this olive oil a familiar flavor that goes with all salads, pastas, vegetables, chicken, fish and steak. This extra virgin olive oil is excellent for marinades, grilling and roasting. Wine pairing suggestions: Nebbiolo (Barolo or Barbaresco).

    Company History:

    For generations the Fierro family have been growing and producing their quality olive oil in the town of Olevano sul Tusciano, Italy. In partnership with their American cousins, Oleificio Fierro now has a state of the art solar powered olive mill, giving them the ability to offer this wonderful oil to America.

    Olevano is olive-friendly territory. This nourishing micro-climate is located 1,000 feet above sea level in the sunny province of Salerno. The Tusciano River crosses the town providing hydroelectric power for more than 100 years. The territory is protected against cold winds, due to its elevation and prime location behind the river gorge, and the warm winds flowing in from the gulf. The calcareous soil is rich in potassium, phosphorus and iron, thanks to the volcanic ash of Mt Vesuvius, perfect for the planting the illustrious olive tree.

    At Olevano, olives are hand-picked from the trees, and several times over—an expensive but essential undertaking ensuring that the olives are not bruised and that they are perfectly ripe (olives mature at different times). The harvest takes place in October and November, when the color of the fruit is reddish- purple but the dark pigmentation has not yet penetrated the olive pulp. The hills of Olevano sul Tusciano nurture mostly Rotondella and Carpellese olives. The Rotondella olive has been flourishing in this area of Campania since 540 B.C.

    The extra virgin olive oil has received QVC’s “customer top rated” designation and was selected to compete in the Best Cooking Staple category as part of QVC’s 2012 Customer Choice Food Awards. Olevano recently competed with 702 olive oils from 22 countries in the New York International Olive Oil Competition, taking home two top honors, Best of Class for the Olevano Delicate and Gold for the Olevano Fruttato Intense.

    Production Methods:

    Rotondella, Carpellese, Frantioa, Leccino Olives.

    Olives are hand-picked from the trees and within 4 hours of harvest, pressed on a stone mill- no heat or chemical treatments applied at all. From harvesting and pressing to bottling, every process is overseen by a member of the Oleificio Fierro family.

    Awards and accolades:

    Delicato: New York International Olive Oil Competition Best of Class 2013
    Fruttato: New York International Olive Oil Competition Gold Medal 2013

    Where to buy:

    • Extra Virgin Olive Ovation, Clayton MO
    • Ducks General Store, Duck NC
    • Capers and Lemons Market in Wilmington, DE
    *All Information is provided by the producer.