Olivares de Altomira By Pastor Vellisca

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    From the organoleptic point of view the oils of this variety are very fruity and aromatic, well rounded in their smell of fresh grass, hazelnut or banana, sometimes with a sharp taste on the palate.

    Company History:

    Abandoned along the last Century, we have revamped those olive trees lands to honor a way of living which had the Olive Oil as one of its foundations for health.
    With a extremely low production, these olive trees, come back to produce its fruit as soon as man has come back to take care of them. We have noted that they were just waiting for us for centurias.
    The Olivares de la Sierra de Altomira spread along a mountain range that runs nort-south through the Baja Alcarria sire in the central spanish province of Cuenca.

    Seeded along the last four centuries, those olive trees have been one of the goods the cristians had to this central land od Spain, when the arabs Leith the Huete region diring the XVI Century.

    Grown at three thousand feet MSL, those olive trees are free from plagues, diseases, and resist temperatures between -17 and 40 degrees Celsius in the severe continental climate of Castilla, along centuries.

    Production Methods:

    Our cultivar is verdeja, this variety is also known as Castellana,AbucheƱa, Reluciente, Verdinal, Celdrana , Limoncilla, Teta de Vaca.
    Our trees are centenaries, without any fertilizer nor quimical product never. Only, our everyday work, cleaning the trees twices at year from the uphills.
    We harvest in November, before the hard winter. Our harvest is taking the fruit from the tree by milking. And we transport the fruit to the mill in less than 3 hours from the harvest. Cold extraction

    Awards and accolades:

    None, it our first production in oil. We are producers of olive, but it is our frist year with our brand.

    Where to buy:

    • Borboleta-Madrid
    • Su fruta
    • Olivares de Altomira
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