Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Inspired by the cheerful and colorful Mediterranean style our oil takes prides in its origins. Olivari is a vibrant, fresh and natural olive oil, with a delicate fruity aroma and extra mild taste, that portrays the generous and healthy lifestyle typical of the Mediterranean diet.

    Its exquisite flavor is born from a rigorous selection of the best olives. Olivari brings it to your table to give your dishes personality and unique nuances, and it is the ideal choice for seasoning and finishing your dishes.

    Company History:

    Sovena was founded in the 1956 in Portugal. After the Carnation Revolution of 1974 and its communist-inspired forcible nationalizations, the company was rebuilt through a new holding called Nutrinveste. In 2004, the Nutrinveste Group sales turnover reached USD 840 million. The new consolidated Sovena Group was created in 2008. By this time intensive olive groves with a high density planting, usually 500 to 750 trees per acre, modern irrigation systems, namely drop by drop, and also more rational fertilization were set up in several locations.

    In just 10 years the Group has evolved from a local Portuguese company to a world reference in olive oil: Sovena Group is the market leader in the production and sales of oil in Spain and Portugal and one of the most important traders worldwide.
    With factories, offices and commercial teams in several parts of the world (such as the U.S.A., Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Brazil or Angola), the Group employs more than 1.200 employees around the world, and exports to more than 70 other countries on all 5 continents.

    Awards and accolades:

    Product of the Year Award 2011 (EEUU)

    Where to buy:

    • WalMart
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