Oro Don Vincenzo By Azienda Agricola Cristiano Antonio

Oro Don Vincenzo

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    PDO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL The sensory profile of Oro don Vincenzo extra virgin P.D.O. olive oil reveals an olfactory evidence of fruity flavoured drupes of medium intensity reminiscent of green olives harvested at the early stage of ripening. Its bouquet discloses a complex aroma of freshly cut grass, Golden apple, tomato leaves and rosemary which counterpoise the persistent scent of vegetables.
    The flavour of this oil delights the palate with its harmonious fluidity, and is characterized by a strong and pleasant bitter almonds aftertaste together with a pungent sensation reminiscent of chilli pepper. Fresh and balmy notes together with the flavour of chicory and a rich taste of fresh nuts add to the enjoyableness of Oro don Vincenzo extra virgin P.D.O. olive oil.
    Ideal for use with beans and legume salads, thinly cut row meat, vegetable soup, mushrooms, rockfish and grilled beef.
    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Oro don Vincenzo is an extra virgin olive oil characterized by a strong fruity scent of olives harvested when the drupes are at the best moment of ripening. Its bouquet discloses a pleasant aroma of Golden apple and banana which however, is immediately overpowered by a persistent vegetable scent.
    The pleasant fluidity of its flavour delights the palate with its sweet taste of almonds mingled with bitter notes. Its pungent tingling is reminiscent of black pepper. Its aftertaste gratifies the palate with a generous aroma of vegetables together with a marked taste of pine-kernel.
    Ideal with: baked white meat, fish salads and raw or steamed fish and shellfish au gratin.

    Company History:

    Oro di Don Vincenzo (Don Vincenzo’s gold), is the name we have chosen for our olive oil, because we consider it one of the treasures of our Mediterranean sun, coming from our fertile lands in the plain and on the hills looking over the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. “Oro di Don Vincenzo” is an exquisite high quality extra virgin oil for connoisseurs looking for an excellent product made according to the most accurate and innovative techniques. The olives are pressed as early as the beginning of October so as to ensure the pureness, low acid content, high amount of polyphenols, fruity flavour and exceptional nutritional characteristics for which our oil has gained a Protected Designation of Origin.

    Olive trees and vines have been cultivated on our land since the Greek and Roman age, during the “Middle Ages our property belonged to the Church (The ruins of the ancient XI C. Norman Abbey are still standing nearby). My husband’s family took over the land at the beginning of the last century and he and my father in law, both doctors convinced about the healthiness of the Mediterranean diet, decided to keep up the family tradition. Presently they are proud to produce this high quality extra virgin olive oil. A moderate daily consumption of it can be a very good ally against the aging of our body cells. Orodonvincenzo is an excellent dressing for meat, fish, salads and vegetables. It will enhance the flavour of your dishes.

    Production Methods:

    Our olive groves are monovarietal, entirely made up of Carolea olive trees, typical of this area. The plants are cultivated according to low impact agricultural techniques to save the natural environment. The olives are picked at the beginning of October solely by mechanical means during the first stage of ripening .

    A mechanical arm shaker knocks down the olives into a net, then they are placed in bins and cold pressed in a mill at continuous cycle within 24 hours from harvesting, so as to preserve the fruity flavour, high amount of polyphenols and low acid content which account for its excellent taste and healthy quality.

    Where to buy:

    • Med Food
    • Supermercato Gulliver - Via del Castagnone - VALENZA (AL)
    • Panificio Valenza - San Pietro snc - Corso Garibaldi 2 - VALENZA
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