Saloio By Est. Manuel da Silva Torrado & Cª. (Irmãos), S.A.

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Of all this process it results that oil “SALOIO” is a superior olive oil in organoletics and sensorial terms, colour yellow-golden, flavour and harmonious aroma the fruited one of cool olives and low acidity.

    Company History:

    Manuel da Silva Torrado, the founder of the current company Estº. Manuel da Silva Torrado & Cª. (Irmãos), S.A., was born in Monforte, Castelo Branco, in Portugal, in 1858. In 1878, he started his trading activity in Lisbon.

    Being fully aware of the outstanding quality and fineness of the olive oil produced in the region where he was born, he decided to introduce those precious products to the wider Lisbon market. It was a great success.

    But his success brought on new responsibilities with it. As turnover expanded, it became ever more important that the olive tree fields of his region be very carefully selected, in order to produce only the best olive oil. And it was imperative that such top quality olive oil could reach consumers in the best possible packaging conditions, for which purpose an adequately labeled tin was required.

    Thus, the company launched its very own brands: SALOIO and SANTA MARIA.

    Once the packaging and the brands had been created, it was necessary to promote and publicize them, so they might become recognized for their great quality. In this regard, Portuguese emigrants played a major role by taking our olive oil with them and promoting it abroad in the countries where they settled.

    Today, our brand has become one of the most renowned and consumed brands wherever Portuguese communities have settled abroad, all over the world, and it has become a symbol of Portugal.

    Production Methods:

    The time between the harvest and the transformation is the possible minor, to use to advantage the qualities of the olive and to minor the defect risks. After the harvest and transport it our factory the olive clean and are washed to conserve its characteristics in accordance with, being later separate in different lots its quality.

    A extraction of the olive oil of the olive in our factory is a process total mechanic, of which if they get the Virgin Oil, the before treatment does not hold any chemical product in its extraction nor is subject to posterior, results a natural product 100% (juice of olive).

    The transformation process involves four steps, the milling, termobatedura, the extraction and the separation made for “centrifugação”, during which the temperature conditions are kept to preserve responsible composites for the colour, flavour and aroma.

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