Señorios de Relleu

    Company History:

    Just 6 miles away from the coast, combining environmental smoothness that provides the Mediterranean with continental mountain climate, and surrounded by a sea of almonds and pines the “Señorios de Relleu®” is produced.

    This ancient crop is growing in sloping terraces and the combination of terrain and local climate make this Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique.

    The integration of the olive mill on the farm, product traceability, comprehensive monitoring and nurture of the fruit from the tree to the bottle, is the process based on the philosophy of Señorios de Relleu SL to achieve maximum quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


    Señorios de Relleu SL is a young company, and while modest in size it has an experienced family background in agriculture and olive growing. Located in the “The Teuladi” farm, municipal area of Relleu, in the province of Alicante, the property has been documented for more than 3 centuries where once Roman and Arab civilizations exploited these lands.

    This Extra Virgin Olive Oil results from a culmination of tradition, knowledge, research and innovation and above all a passion for excellence. Here, unique conditions produce an earlier yield of a high quality fruit, which is processed only on our farm.

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