Serraferran By SERRA SALA, S.C.P.

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    The Arbequina variety provides a fresh fruitiness oil of green olives, with secondary vegetables flavors: grassy green, banana, almond, walnuts and hints of green almond with balanced bitterness, pungency, sweetness and a short final astringency. The Argudell variety, result of centenary olives groves, provides its own character and personality, highlighting its flavor with a hint of bitterness and the deepness aromatic complexity of its strong fruitiness, with hints of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, anise, artichoke and tomato, in its equilibrium with its fresh fruitiness green olive oil flavor.

    Company History:

    Following a long familiar tradition, Serra Sala cultivates the olive groves from the Mas Ferran in Ventalló. The Serraferran Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained, with the varieties of Argudell, autochthon from l’Empordà and Arbequina, inside the DOP Oli de l’Empordà.

    All of the Alt Empordà is a ground of olive trees. Ventalló, close to the old Greek colony of Empúries, with its thousand year-old olive trees and the Olive Fair Celebration is the witness of this tradition.

    Serraferran is a fruity and well-adjusted Olive Oil, with a slightly bitter and spicy taste. Its aroma it reminds us to the grass with a finished cutting and walnuts with some notes of exotic fruits, artichoke and almond.

    Production Methods:

    The elaboration of our oil begins with our careful cultivation of olive trees, where we apply farming techniques that respect the environment. In order to ensure the highest quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Serraferran we follow this procedure.

    The collection of our olives is carried out during the months of November and December, when these are still a bit unripe. We press them in cold, the same day we collect them, in order to obtain the extra virgin olive oil, to achieve its rich aroma.

    Awards and accolades:

    Emporda Olive Oil, Protected Designation Origin. Spain, Eurpean Union

    *All Information is provided by the producer.