Spiniello By Azienda Agricola La Serenella


    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Excellent the employment to raw on salads, vegetables, fishes and meats, while in cooking it exalts the taste of the sauces of tomato, meats and fishes to the fire. Excellent in the diets and in the phase of children weaning.

    Company History:

    The history of Spiniello family and of us Spiniello Brothers is tied up from generations to the countryside.

    The passion has been handed down by our great-grandfathers but even more from our father Carmine Spiniello that has added agritourism, hospitality and a restaurant.

    Our job is always developed in Irpinia, on a hill that surrounds the city of Avellino in Southern Italy.

    Thanks to the favorable temperatures and the salubriousness of the place, our plants enjoy of an optimal vegetative development and give fruits with a unique taste.

    And here is born our really representative product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the brand “Spiniello”.

    The numerous appreciations that we receive for the quality of our extra virgin olive oil has allowed to realize the direct sale at the farm and online also, with home delivery and maximum attention for the management and the demands of our clients.

    Production Methods:

    The phases of production distinguish in 4 fundamental passages: cultivation, harvest, extraction, packaging. Every passage is delicate and important to get extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

    The olives, from which we get our oil, are picked by hand, with the ancient method of the “bacchiatura” — and broken with millstones in a mill. The cold press of the paste, entirely realized through mechanical procedures, furnishes an oil low in acidity (max 0.2%). For highly digestible and nutritional qualities it furnishes the correct daily quantity of vitamins, polyphenols and lipids, and it helps to regularize the functionality of the heart and liver.

    The method of management of the olive-grove is balanced, respecting good agronomic practices to get an oil in which chemical fertilizers are absent, as if the olives were cultivated with organic methods.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.