Stories of Greek Origins By ARTION GREEK FOODS

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Fresh, fruity, spicy flavor with mild aftertaste.
    Golden green bright color

    Excellent in salads, bruschettas, vegetables.

    Company History:

    ARTION GREEK FOODS is a new food company based in Greece, founded by people with long experience and knowledge in the local and international food markets, comitment to excellence and a passion for real good food and Greece.

    We commit to introduce consumers to the unique goodness of Greek nutrition and to offer products proven to be of supreme quality and exceptional characteristics.

    Our “Stories of Greek Origins” brand signs the most exceptional products from Greece.

    We are travelling all around the country to discover Greece’s treasures. We get to know and work with small local producers and we marry their inherited traditional knowledge with the most contemporary safety procedures to ensure exquisite quality.

    Our range consists of products made out of unsurpassed craftmanship, in limited production quantities, distinctive and outstading characteristics. They are selected with care paying attention to every detail and they offer enjoyment to the one who appreciate simple, authentic pleasures.

    Production Methods:

    This premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the smallest and most distanced village of Sitia, Dafni, up to peaks of Cretan mountains. The place is full of water-springs and the ground is very rich in trace elements. These along with the Cretan microclimate and the 100% natural care of people produces an excellent result. Harvest comes from special estates exclusively for our brand, by hand.

    Cold extraction a few hours after harvest. It remains unfiltered to keep its extra virgin properties and characteristics.

    It is bottled and labelled by hand in luxury bottle with silk-screened graphics and includes wooden cap with pourer.

    Acidity: 0,21%

    Where to buy:

    *All Information is provided by the producer.