The Copper Olive By Frantoio Oleario


    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP is a glorious green gold color with a vivacity and excellent intensity of flavors.
    Using your nose smell the fresh, fruity olive with notes of apple and fresh leaves. Slightly spicy and aromatic, this Olive Oil is a delight on the palate and does not aggravate the tongue.
    Perfect as an accompaniment to many dishes, great on grilled fish, drizzled into soups and on bruschetta and excellent on salads as the olive oil enhances the flavors of the vegetables without over powering them. Use with a squeeze of fresh lemon for a varied taste sensation.

    Company History:

    The finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available for the first time on the International Market. A very well guarded secret in southern Italy, these Olive Oils have always been kept and consumed at home in Italy!

    Our producers are all located in the province of Salerno and more specifically in the Cilento and Vallo Diano National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the region where Dr Ancel Keys researched and recommended “The Mediterranean Diet”. In a typical year we produce 850,000 liters of olive oil.

    Cilento cultivates six varietals of olive trees that make up our olive oil, not two as is the case in most of the rest of Italy. These varietals are Pisciottana, Rotondella, Ogliarola, Frantoio, Salella and Leccino. Salella is unique to Cilento, not grown anywhere else, and was first planted in the region by Greek colonists who immigrated to Italy in the 7th century B.C.

    Production Methods:

    The harvest and production of our “DOP” olive oil meets the most stringent EU and Italian government standards. The entire process, from picking to crushing to bottling occurs within 24 hours, with inspectors certifying every step. We separate our oil from the pulp and water using centrifuges which spin at 3,400 revolutions a minute. No chemicals ever touch our product. After the pressing is completed the stones and pulp are sent to our sister plant where the pulp and pit are further refined to produce oils. The remnants of the hard pits are compressed and used as a heating source and the rest is returned to the soil. Thus making us “Green” and “Sustainable.” We produce a high quality product in an environmentally safe manner and at an excellent price. Our olive oils are Certified and Guaranteed and are never blended with any other oils.

    Beside our “DOP” Extra Virgin we also produce Extra Virgin and infused oils (in 100ml bottles with chili, basil, truffles and others). We will also have a limited amount of “organic” olive oil available immediately after this year’s “crush” in November and December.

    *All Information is provided by the producer.