Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    This limited product is only for salads and tasting.
    Has a unique aroma, fresh olive and fruit taste.

    Acid is 0.4

    Don’t touch with metals, so Keep all minerals and antioxidants.

    Company History:


    Gourmet extra virgin olive oil

    XI.XI. Infinity” is the only stone-milled, extra virgin olive oil produced in the Stone Press Oil House situated in Mudanya, Turkey. The olives are harvested from trees aged between 30 to 300 years. No chemical fertilisers or other agricultural treatments are used on our 150 acre olive groves.

    XI.XI. Infinity is a high- end gourmet product.

    Production Methods:

    The olives are carefully and meticulously handpicked from the century-old trees. After stone milling on the same day, the resultant paste is transferred to specially made jute sacks and subsequently pressed sacks are left to drain in a designated resting area. This drained oil is also called “the golden drop.”

    The oil is then transferred to original 150 year old original earthenware holding tanks prior to the bottling stage. Organoleptic qualities, as well as antioxidant and vitamin levels of the XI.XI. Infinity extra virgin olive oil are preserved as there is no contact with any metal during the entire production process. There is no mechanical separation or filtration stage. The process is completely natural.

    The oil will be bottled and dispatched to the customer on demand, however it will rest for a least two months.

    XI.XI. Infinity is a high- end gourmet product.

    Awards and accolades:

    For news about XI.XI Infinity, please visit our web site, www.onbironbir.net

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