10 Best Places to Buy EVOO

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By Curtis Cord
Olive Oil Times Executive Editor | New York

There’s one question Olive Oil Times readers ask more than any other: Where can I find great olive oils? That’s a tall question, since you peruse these pages from nearly every country in the world.

Never the type to back down from a challenge, we decided to begin with some of the places we know firsthand; retailers who offer an outstanding selection of fresh, high-quality EVOOs with a knowledgeable staff in an atmosphere that encourages the discovery and appreciation of extra virgin olive oils.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re posing the question to all of our readers around the world and asking you to share your favorite olive oil retailers using this form. Your submissions will be assembled into a curated guide to the world’s best olive oil retailers, and our editors will hand-pick ten at a time to highlight in features like this one.

1 Laleli | Istanbul

Nominated by Omeros Demetriou
10 Best Places to Buy EVOO | Olive Oil Times
[quote]I recently traveled to Istanbul where I visited a store called ‘Laleli’ which is dedicated entirely to olive oil and carries a comprehensive inventory of Turkey’s best. From local extra virgins to olive oil soaps, EVOOs for massage, hair re-growth and even an EVOO spray for sore throats, they sell everything. The store is situated in an area of Istanbul called ‘Bebek’ which is a seaside strip where the rich and famous of Istanbul park their multi-million euro yachts. Laleli was one of the highlights of my trip there.[/quote]
10 Best Places to Buy EVOO | Olive Oil Times
Cevdet Paşa Caddesi No. 46/A, Istanbul

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