10 Great Places to Buy EVOO

  • Laleli | Istanbul, Turkey

    Nominated by Omeros Demetriou

    I recently traveled to Istanbul where I visited a store called 'Laleli' which is dedicated entirely to olive oil and carries a comprehensive inventory of Turkey's best. From local extra virgins to olive oil soaps, EVOOs for massage, hair re-growth and even an EVOO spray for sore throats, they sell everything. The store is situated in an area of Istanbul called 'Bebek' which is a seaside strip where the rich and famous of Istanbul park their multi-million euro yachts. Laleli was one of the highlights of my trip there.

  • Beyond the Olive | Pasadena, USA

    Nominated by Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne

    A sweet little shop run by lovely and committed people. They feature a great selection of California artisan olive oils, and really make that connection with the producer that brings olive oils to life. You will find things there that are usually available only from the producer -- very small production and truly special. They have a great educational program with visiting chefs and meet-the-producer events.

  • Oliviera | Nice, France

    Nominated by Tara Vassiliou

    Locals in Nice know the place to go for great EVOO. Oliveira is small restaurant and shop founded by an ex-banker who now spends his days tooling around Provence sourcing the finest quality extra virgin olive oils from small producers whose focus is excellence and fidelity to the terroir.

  • Delicatessen for the Mediterranean Diet | Athens, Greece

    Nominated by Costas Vasilopoulos

    At the corner of Aristeidou and Sofokleous streets in downtown Athens there's a shop that, among many other products, sells EVOOs from the best olive oil producing areas of Greece, like Crete, Peloponnesus, Kithira and Lesvos. Their policy is to support smaller producers. Customers can sample a wide variety of well-selected, high-quality Greek extra virgins they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

  • The Olive Press | Sonoma, California

    Nominated by Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne

    Best tasting bar stocking their own fabulous oils, and a terrific staff. You can meet the person who made that olive oil and see the mill. The Olive Press is the original olive oil specialty shop in California and it is absolutely the best. The new location is in the same building as a winery so you can go into the tasting room next door for a little palate cleanser. And they will ship to you, so you can continue to indulge your habit.

  • A l'Olivier | Paris, France

    Nominated by Denise Johnson

    Few olive oil purveyors are as well-regarded in France as La Maison A l'Olivier which started in Paris almost two centuries ago. From their production site based in Carros, an area just north of Nice known for growing some of the finest olives in France, their specialists sample oils from mills, independent producers, and cooperatives to decide what belongs on the shelves of their boutiques.

  • Fairway Market | New York, USA

    Nominated by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

    Last time we checked, Steven Jenkins, Fairway's renowned merchant and cheesemonger, was importing 24 branded French olive oils, a dozen from Spain and about 10 from Italy -- directly from their producers. But his most satisfying accomplishment he said, is the collection of 14 oils from Spain, France, Italy, Australia, California and Mexico that he buys in barrels "which cuts out the broker, the importer and the distributor." Fairway has an astonishing variety of extra virgin olive oils at prices even the most frugal New Yorkers can love. Custom-designed displays allow customers to taste and learn about the oils before buying.

  • Oleum | Perugia, Italy

    Nominated by Luciana Squadrilli

    Umbria's olive oil is one of the best and most renowed of Italy, and the region has an ancient tradition in this field. So it's no surprise that in the small and lovely village of Montefalco - famous for its wine - you can find one of the best olive oil shops in the whole country. Here you can taste and buy a good number of excellent exra virgin olive oils from throughout Italy, and sample them in simple yet tasty traditional recipes.

  • Zingerman's Deli | Ann Arbor, USA

    Nominated by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

    Tucked away in a university town in the American Midwest, Zingerman's is a lot bigger than the humble facade of its flagship deli. With over 500 employees and around $36,000,000 in annual sales, Zingerman's has been called the country’s leading olive oil purveyor.

    For founder Ari Weinzweig, choosing olive oils is straightforward -- it's all about taste: "You’re always looking for the same things: complexity, balance and finish. Professional tasters have, you know, 20 characteristics that they name. I mean, that’s good too, but for us it’s those three."

  • O&Co. | New York, USA

    Nominated by Denise Johnson

    Amid the hustle and bustle in the lobby of one of the busiest buildings in the world is the last place you'd expect to see a place like O&Co. -- the purveyor of extra virgin olive oils and other Mediterranean delicacies. But what you'll find there is a staff that knows a lot about olive oil and an extensive selection of monovarietal and blended EVOOs. Even though the packaging is O&Co.'s own, the labels proudly display the names of producers and detailed information on cultivars and harvest dates.

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