Prizes for Greek Olive Oils in Top Competition

Gold Award Winner, Olea Groves

Olive oil producers and marketers from Greece were among the more than 700 contestants from all over the world that participated in the New York International Olive Oil Competition last week. Greek brands won two Gold awards and thirteen Silver in the 24 award categories They did not manage to receive a “Best of Class” distinction given to the top scoring oil in each category. The most awards in the competition were garnered by Italy, Spain and the USA with a total of 83, 51 and 36 prizes respectively.

For Greece, the two Gold awards were earned by Olea Juice and AiQ 0,5, two products that are made from olives of the Koroneiki and Manaki varieties. They are considered gourmet olive oils sold in delis and specialized stores. AiQ Executive Director Aris Xenofos told Agrotypos agricultural news portal, “Olive oils that excel in competitions like this become widely known and are highly appreciated by consumers and chefs worldwide.”

Silver Award Winner, Kyklopas

Producers from several different olive oil producing territories of the country won the Silver awards, including Anoskeli Agricultural Company S.A. from Crete, Mani Bläuel from Messinia, and Kyklopas S.A. from Thrace, while Silver awards were also presented to companies of Greeks abroad like Jordan Olivenöl and Kaldes Bros Trading.

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This article was last updated December 25, 2014 - 3:15 PM (GMT-5)

  • Gaea Products SA

    This competition highlighted the quality of Greek Olive Oil and it is always important for Greek Olive Oil Industry to participate and receive awards in major competitions!

    We would like also to mention that Gaea ,in this competition, was one of the three brands in the world that received two medals
    and also only one of two brands that have presence in big
    distribution worldwide.