Curtis Cord


World’s Second-Largest Retailer Wants to be Known for its Olive Oil

Olive Oil Times publisher Curtis Cord spoke with Costco buyer Chad Sokol, who handles the commodity and dry grocery buying for the company’s warehouse stores throughout Northern California and many more in Nevada.

India’s Changing Views On Olive Oil

Rajneesh Bhasin, the president of the Indian Olive Association and managing director of Borges India, discusses the fast-changing dynamics of the Indian olive oil market.

‘Extra Virginity’ Author, Tom Mueller, On Olive Oil

The investigative author shares his thoughts on the events over the four years since the release of his controversial exposé with Olive Oil Times publisher, Curtis Cord.

Top Olive Oil Producers Signing Up for Third NYIOOC

Registration is open and producers from every region are entering their brands in the 2015 New York International Olive Oil Competition.
Special Report

Day of Olive Oil at Washington’s Smithsonian

An interactive program explored olive oil from its historical and cultural origins to its place in modern culinary applications.

Olive Oil School Wraps Up Its First Semester

After a summer break, the school says it will introduce a new, expanded catalog of online courses for its fall 2014 semester.
Olive Oil Times Special

Olive Oil Times Takes Readers’ Questions in Live Twitter Q & A

Readers who have wanted to ask Olive Oil Times editors a question will be able to get fast answers every Wednesday during a live Q & A.

Spain’s Standout Success at 2014 NYIOOC

Spain won more prizes than any other country in the latest edition of the New York International Olive Oil Competition.