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‘Diffuser’ System Irrigates Tunisian Olive Trees from the Bottom Up

An innovative water-saving irrigation system developed in Tunisia is providing a viable solution to drought situations experienced by olive producers.

Andalucia Journal: Pruning in Huescar

A recently sunny day brought me to an olive grove in Huescar to discover the importance of pruning olive trees.
Special Report

On the Importance of Olive Tree Pruning

“It is fundamental to live like the plant in order to understand what it needs,” the pruner reveals. "Foliage and wood must always be in harmony."

What Will Save Salento’s Olive Trees?

Is uprooting the only option to save Apulia's olive groves? In Italy, there's a growing outcry against proposed measures to stem a deadly bacteria.
Special Report

Canadian Farmer Succeeds with Olives and Gives Kelp Seaweed Some of the Credit

On Pender Island, Andrew Butt nurtures 100 trees for table olives and the future goal of producing the first made-in-Canada extra virgin olive oil.

Oregon Farm Produces Quality EVOO in Cool Climate of Pacific Northwest

Experiments are showing promise in western Oregon, USA, where David and Carmen Lawrence have evaluated dozens of cultivars over the past decade.
Olive Oil Times Feature

Seal Factory Looks to Olives in the Off-Season

A seal processing plant plans to provide new employment by producing olive oil in Henties Bay, Namibia.

Olives Reach New Heights in Valtellina

One of the consequences of rising temperatures is that it's now possible to cultivate olive trees where it was previously unthinkable.