California-based olive oil suppliers Corto Olive, L.P. and Gemsa Enterprises, LLC have settled a trademark infringement lawsuit, according to a press statement released today.


Gemsa denied Corto Olive’s claims that the company had “flagrantly” infringed upon Corto Olive’s 51-49 trademarked packaging but agreed to cease using all of the package designs, recall all unsold olive oils which used that packaging, and use new package designs that Corto has approved.

Corto Olive agreed to the settlement and dismissed its lawsuit.

“Corto is committed to protecting its intellectual property and to protecting our customers,” Tom Cortopassi, the senior managing partner of Corto Olive, said. “This agreement achieves that objective.”

Emilio Viscomi, the founder and co-owner of Gemsa, said steps were already being taken to follow the settlement and added that he was looking forward to moving past the dispute.

“Gemsa Oils has now taken steps to differentiate our packaging from that of Corto Olive,” Viscomi said. “We are glad to put this dispute behind us.”

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