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Europe, China Agree to Protect Foods With Geographical Indication

Nov. 7, 2019
By Costas Vasilopoulos

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The European Union and China have reached an agree­ment to pro­tect one hun­dred Geographical Indications in each party from imi­ta­tions cir­cu­lat­ing in their mar­kets.

The agree­ment includes var­i­ous European prod­ucts made in dif­fer­ent regions of the European Union, like Feta and Roquefort, Irish whiskey, Champagne, Porto wine and others. Products like Kalamata Olives and some olive oils from Crete and Spain are also included in the pact and will have their names pro­tected from any usurpa­tion in the Chinese market.

The European Union, in turn, will pro­tect the names of one hun­dred Chinese food prod­ucts cur­rently avail­able in the common European market, like the Panjin rice and the Anqiu Da Jiang ginger.

In four years, the agree­ment will be expanded to include 175 more Geographical Indications from both sides.

“European Geographical Indication prod­ucts are renowned across the world for their qual­ity,” Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan, said. “This agree­ment shows our com­mit­ment to work­ing closely with our global trad­ing part­ners such as China. It is a win for both par­ties, strength­en­ing our trad­ing rela­tion­ship, ben­e­fit­ting our agri­cul­tural and food sec­tors, and con­sumers on both sides.”


The deal is expected to be final­ized and signed by the two par­ties in the next few days.