` Europe Releases List of Priority Plant Pests

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Europe Releases List of Priority Plant Pests

Oct. 16, 2019
By Lisa Anderson

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Emer­ald ash borer and Xylella fas­tidiosa — both threats to olive trees — are two of the 20 quar­an­tine pests that have been high­lighted as top pri­or­i­ties for E.U. mem­ber states on the list of pri­or­ity pests that was released last week.

The list forms part of the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion’s strate­gies to pro­tect Europe from these pests. Mem­ber states are required to com­pile annual sur­veys, cre­ate cur­rent con­tin­gency plans, com­mu­ni­cate with the pub­lic and intro­duce erad­i­ca­tion plans for each of these threats.

The com­pi­la­tion of the E.U.’s umbrella list of quar­an­tine pests is one of the require­ments of Reg­u­la­tion (EU) 2016/2031 — known as the Plant Health Law — which comes into effect on Decem­ber 14 this year.

Under the new law, all plants and liv­ing parts of plants that enter the E.U. require a phy­tosan­i­tary cer­tifi­cate.

Cer­tain fruits listed in Com­mis­sion Imple­ment­ing Reg­u­la­tion (EU) 2018/2018 of 18 Decem­ber 2018 are not required to have a phy­tosan­i­tary cer­tifi­cate. These fruits include pineap­ples, coconuts, duri­ans, bananas and dates, but not olives.


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