` Importers Ask for Tariff Exemption for Goods Shipped Before October


Importers Ask for Tariff Exemption for Goods Shipped Before October

Oct. 16, 2019
By Daniel Dawson

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The North Amer­i­can Olive Oil Asso­ci­a­tion (NAOOA) and 80 other Amer­i­can trade orga­ni­za­tions have writ­ten to the United States Trade Rep­re­sen­ta­tive (USTR) to ask for an exemp­tion to impend­ing tar­iffs on prod­ucts shipped from Europe before the start of Octo­ber.

The NAOOA argues that the 25-per­cent tar­iff recently imposed on some Span­ish olive oils, which will come into force on Octo­ber 18, will impact the prices of olive oil that left Span­ish ports as early as mid-Sep­tem­ber and hurt Amer­i­can importers and con­sumers.

These new duties will not be borne by the E.U. pro­ducer or man­u­fac­turer of those now-dutiable goods, but by the Amer­i­can importers which have already pur­chased the prod­ucts and, very quickly, by Amer­i­can con­sumers,” the sig­na­to­ries of the let­ter wrote to Robert Lightheizer, the head of the USTR.

In order to mit­i­gate the poten­tial impacts of these tar­iffs on importers and con­sumers, the NAOOA and the rest of the sig­na­to­ries rec­om­mend exempt­ing goods that left Euro­pean ports prior to Octo­ber 2 from the tar­iffs.

To pre­vent the cost of the tar­iffs from falling entirely on Amer­i­can busi­nesses and con­sumers, we ask that all goods exported from Europe Octo­ber 2 or ear­lier be exempt from tar­iffs,” the sig­na­to­ries wrote.


They cited a sim­i­lar exemp­tion that was pro­vided to recently-tar­iffed Chi­nese goods back in May, which was done with the express pur­pose of pro­tect­ing Amer­i­can busi­nesses and con­sumers.

This was an appro­pri­ate tech­ni­cal accom­mo­da­tion,” the sig­na­to­ries wrote. We ask for its use again in this case.”

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