An author team that call themselves “Two Extra Virgins,” wrote their new “Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil” book for cooks of all levels who are looking for new approaches to cooking with olive oil. In the book, Mary Platis and Laura Bashar show people how to do much more with their liquid gold than just use it as a salad dressing or as a sauté base.

Recipes for poaching, braising, marinating, steaming, baking and infusing with olive oil are accompanied by technical tips and full color photos. (In the book’s acknowledgements, Bashar thanks her family for impatiently waiting to eat their dinners while the dishes were photographed.)

Poached rosemary garlic lamb chops, watermelon shooters with Persian mint syrup and dark chocolate olive oil cake with strawberries are a few of the book’s offerings. Most of the recipes are Mediterranean because “it’s a healthful diet and it’s what we know,” said Platis, who is of Greek descent. Bashar has a Persian heritage.

In addition to recipes, the book contains a primer on olive oil — it’s history, production, varieties and flavors and selecting and storing.

Platis is a culinary instructor, recipe developer, Greek olive oil representative and food blogger (her blog is called California Greek Girl). She was inspired to write the book after a trip to Greece with her family, where they experienced the full process of olive oil making. Bashar is also a food blogger (Family Spice), photographer, recipe developer and former graphic designer and advertising account executive. Bashar says first became aware that quality olive oil existed when it was served with her bread at an Italian restaurant and she found it “exquisite.”

“Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil” has been nominated for a 2013 Global Ebook Award. The book is available ($9.99) in enhanced PDF format or by download to Kindle, Nook or other electronic devices. Downloads or more information are available at the Two Extra Virgins website.



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