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Lambda: Marketing an "Ultra-Premium" Olive Oil

By Marissa Tejada
May. 24, 2010 21:53 UTC

In a clear, sleek, glass flask sim­ply engraved with a mod­ern Greek let­ter logo and hand-sealed by a spe­cial sil­i­cone cork, exists one of the most expen­sive olive oils avail­able today. At $185.00 dol­lars (150 Euros) for 1,000 ml, Lambda is branded as the first lux­ury, ultra-pre­mium extra vir­gin olive oil in the world. Its founder says behind its styl­ish pre­sen­ta­tion is unmatched qual­ity from a coun­try famous for its olive oil pro­duc­tion.

Too many brands were claim­ing the extra vir­gin olive oil descrip­tion but were not of spe­cial qual­ity. I love olive oil and I wanted to do some­thing more, to cre­ate and rein­vent the way peo­ple view it,” says Giorgos Kolliopoulos who devel­oped Lambda through his lux­ury food and bev­er­age com­pany, Speiron based in Athens, Greece. Available since 2007, Lambda remains the prici­est ultra pre­mium labeled brand on the mar­ket, con­sis­tently main­tain­ing bench­mark qual­i­ties that rate bet­ter than extra vir­gin stan­dards.

Lambda was ahead of its time,” says Kolliopoulos who named the prod­uct after the Greek let­ter, lambda, which is the first let­ter of the Greek word for oil or ladiMy inten­tion was to make some­thing that one can really savor, like the way one does with an expen­sive cham­pagne or Bordeaux wine.”

In a grow­ing trend over the past few years, entre­pre­neurs like Kolliopoulos and orga­ni­za­tions like the Italian orga­ni­za­tion Association 3E, are rec­og­niz­ing a more exclu­sive, nar­rowly defined cat­e­gory above the extra vir­gin sta­tus. Association 3E mem­bers label their prod­ucts as super-pre­mium extra vir­gin olive oil and look to develop a niche mar­ket by estab­lish­ing exclu­sive part­ner­ships.

Besides the absence of sen­sory defects, super-pre­mium is defined by ana­lyt­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics supe­rior to extra vir­gin base­lines, includ­ing free acid­ity lev­els of less than 0.3%, a per­ox­ide value of less than 7.5, UV absorp­tion of 232nm (K232) less than 1.85. The 2010 har­vest of Lambda is quite com­pet­i­tive with a 0.29% level of acid­ity, a per­ox­ide value at less than 5.1 and UV absorp­tion of 232nm (K232) at 1.63, with­out defects. But Kolliopoulos insists Lambda is quite spe­cial on its own com­pared to any super-pre­mium prod­uct due to its lux­ury mar­ket­ing, pack­ag­ing and its taste.

It has spe­cial organolep­tic prop­er­ties, by this I mean you feel the dif­fer­ence in your senses which is excep­tional and per­haps even addic­tive,” says Kolliopoulos about his prod­uct which has a deep green hue and a dis­tinct fruity fla­vor and aroma solely com­ing from the Greek olive vari­ety called Koroneiki . Lambda’s par­tic­u­lar Koroneiki olives hail from the famous olive oil pro­duc­ing island of Crete, in the vil­lage of Kritsa.

From my exten­sive research, knowl­edge and just my love of olive oil, I found grow­ers in Kritsa doing an amaz­ing job among some of the old­est olive trees in all of Greece,” says Kolliopoulos. There the acid­ity is con­stantly low. Plus Lambda is pro­duced with extra con­trol mea­sures. Only a cer­tain amount can be pro­duced yearly.”

Lambda’s olives are pressed within eight hours of pick­ing and processed through care­ful cold extrac­tion. Then work­ers fill and label each flask by hand, with­out any machin­ery, to limit the harm­ful oxi­da­tion process which can affect taste and qual­ity.

In his vision to con­tinue to blend his ultra pre­mium prod­uct with high-class design, Lambda can be ordered online in a hand­crafted gift box and most recently, as part of a $1,240.00 (1,000 Euro) pack­age which includes a sig­na­ture of the client’s choice engraved right on the bot­tle.

The company’s rec­om­men­da­tions for con­sum­ing any bot­tle of Lambda remain the same: don’t expose the bot­tle to heat or sun­light to avoid oxi­da­tion and to try to con­sume it within four months after open­ing it for the first time.

Lambda is my attempt to cre­ate one the best olive oil prod­ucts in the world and today with a grow­ing clien­tele,” says Kolliopoulos, I am just as deter­mined to always offer the best of the best.”


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