an-olive-oil-and-culture-workshop-in-jaenAfter celebrating the internet initiative TwittsandAOVE which brought together lovers of EVOO (AOVE in Spanish) and Twitter, CM Europa company professionals have organized on March 27th a talk show in Martos (Jaén) called “Olive Oil & Culture” with the aim of spreading the culture of olive oils, reflecting on their cultural value and discussing their influence on other cultural elements of Mediterranean regions.

Rosa Mª Marchal López, manager of CM Europa, explained that the talk show will include the visions and opinions of many olive oil professionals.

According to Marchal, the symposium is an excellent opportunity to learn about the different EVOOs, enjoy the harmony of sensations that come out of olive juices and discover the relationship with other cultural elements such as painting, literature, history or music.

“Know your Oil” Workshop

On March 30th, CM Europa will also organize the workshop “Know your Oil,” with two groups of 25 students each, with the aim of educating young people on the qualities of extra virgin olive oils and their health benefits.

The workshop will include a little bit of theory and explanations of what extra virgin olive oils mean using as teaching material the Piqui and Mandy: The world of Virgin Olive Oils comics in which the main characters are two animals of the olive ecosystem: owl and rabbit.

Rosa M Marchal López

The initiative will also include a tasting of EVOOs, with a demonstration of the hedonistic concept of tastings. Afterwards, students will be invited to have a breakfast that includes bread with extra virgin olive oil.

The workshop will finish with a guided visit to the physico-chemical laboratory, and a master class dedicated to linking the concepts of general chemistry and physics with the quality controls performed on olive oils.

During the visit to the microbiology laboratories, Rosa Mª Marchal López will explain to the students the concept of food security and they will be able to discus sensory analysis and its importance in the classification of extra virgin olive oils.

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