Spanish Olive Oil Exploring Other Worlds

Its world-wide renown is on the increase and, in recent years, in emerging markets such as China and Brazil it has become far stronger.

An Interview with David Marcos Merchán

"The major chefs might understand about textures, combinations, presentations, but the real protagonists of our table are the farmers."
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Ancient Olive Oil Dealers

In ancient times, the sale of olive oil in amphorae was an activity undertaken by various types of tradesmen.

The ‘Peroxide Value’ of Olive Oil

The peroxide index indicates the quality of life attributed to a virgin olive oil from the moment it was produced to when it was packaged.
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Farga Olive Oil: A Gift from Our Ancestors

The olive trees of the Farga varietal are trees with an open and robust appearance, that provide generous harvests in good years and blossom early to offer small-medium sized olives.

In Jaén, ‘Conquering Palates’ to Get a Fair Price for Olive Oil

How important is olive oil to people in Jaén? Just ask the Spanish province's council president, Francisco Reyes Martínez.
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What Makes a ‘DOP’ Olive Oil Different?

What does it mean when an olive oil has a label indicating it was made in a Protected Designation of Origin?

Testaccio and Olive Oil Labelling

A look at an ecological dump and what it represents, with a view to understanding the true size of olive oil production in Ancient Rome.