More than 3,000 needy Greek families received a year’s supply of extra virgin olive oil from the country’s most popular olive oil brand. Altis, which is a household name in Greece, initiated a program to help make a difference for needy families during the country’s grinding economic crisis. Greece has the highest per capita consumption of olive oil in the world.

“It’s our way of contributing to help needy families during this economic crisis. Our product is important for Greek families. After all, olive oil is a key part of the daily Greek diet,” Gregory Antoniadis, communication director of Unilever Hellas told Olive Oil Times. Unilever distributes Altis which is considered the number one selling olive oil brand in the country.

At the beginning of the year, the company began offering discounts on specially packaged two- and five-liter olive oil bottles sold at various supermarkets throughout Greece. With each bottle sold, a significant donation was made to distribute to those in need. Since the program began, the company has donated extra virgin olive oil to more than 3,000 Greek families, surpassing the initial goal by 1,000 families.

Sixteen supermarkets participated in the program and helped distribute more than 100 tons of Altis olive oil over the past six months. Unilever employees also volunteered at the supermarket locations by distributing the olive oil along with food donations to the Greek families in need.

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