With the financial crisis still overwhelming, many Greeks are simply unable to meet their day-to-day bills and expenses. And while the prices of the basic commodities are far from dropping, new ways have been discovered to compensate for citizens’ reduced purchasing power.

There is a trend all around Greece of products being sold directly from producers to consumers, thus keeping the costs low and enabling people to buy things they couldn’t afford otherwise. The so called “no middlemen” movement was initiated by a group of producers in northern Greece and has now been adopted by the local authorities everywhere in the country. Street markets have been set up and the distressed citizens are rushing to get potatoes, rice, cheese, flour, onions and olive oil which cost up to 40 percent less than their regular prices. Provided that the goods are secure to be consumed, this win-win relationship is a sheer balm on the wounds of Greek citizens.

Another initiative is the “One bottle of olive oil for each unemployed” action, which calls for every olive oil producer and oil mill owner to offer some of their oil supply to the ‘Solidarity for All’ organization, which in turn will give it to families that suffer the most from the crisis. According to the organization, mill owners and producers rose to the occasion and bottles are already being handed out to people in many areas of Greece.

Difficult times require drastic measures, and there is always a need for unconventional acts and practices of goodwill.

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