The Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español has released a new cookbook designed to promote the use of Spanish olive oils in cooking around the globe.

The new book, which is available in both electronic and paper formats, features thirty recipes from nine different countries including Belgium, Brazil, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Mexico and Peru. The idea behind this multicultural collection is to highlight the fact that Spanish olive oils can no longer be considered to be consumed only locally or in the Mediterranean region, but in kitchens around the world.

Los Aceites de Oliva de España en las Cocinas del Mundo features the creations of ten chefs who have modified traditional recipes from their distinct cultures in order to allow olive oils from Spain to play a key role.

Chinese representative Chef Kim Hing Lui, who created olive oil versions of traditional favorites Peking dumplings and caramelized ginger duck, said the introduction of olive oil to Chinese cooking was one of the best things to happen in area recent years adding that, while prices in China were high, the health benefits of olive oil were worth it.

Fellow Chinese chef Hung Fai Chui Chi also praised the stability of Spanish olive oils and their great potential for frying, an important technique in Chinese cuisine. Mexican contributor María del Carmen Hernandez was of the same opinion, stating that extra virgin oil was key to the crisp golden frying of the chicken flautas featured in the new book.

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Other international dishes presented in the collection include Japanese tempura asparagus, Cuban chicken and plantain croquettes, Belgian fruit salad with chocolate and mint, as well as popular Indian favorites chicken tikka, byriani, and spinach porakas. All recipes are accompanied with a color photograph, as well as small biographies on the featured chefs and how they came to use extra virgin olive oil in their cooking.

Spanish olive oil exports continue to rise, particularly in countries including the USA, Japan and China, where sales have increased by at least a third this September compared to the same period last year. Olive oil is now finding its way into many cuisines where it is not considered traditional, with the resulting dishes often a great success. Chefs from all over the world are touting olive oil as a key ingredient in their kitchens, resulting in innovative dishes based on classics and healthier versions of traditional foods.

The electronic version of the cookbook (110 MB zipped flash file) is free and can be downloaded here:

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