Ángel León

Mexico was the guest country but Spanish olive oil and its ecosystem was the main protagonist at the Fórum Gastronómico hosted in Barcelona.

One fact was clear not only in the huge variety of products related to the olive oil but in the work of the most reputed chefs at Forúm Gastronómico and their I+D initiatives: Spanish extra virgin olive oil was the base for their inspiration.

A base for inspiring mixes used in special ice creams, vinegars for salads, goose liver and marmalades (one of the most surprising and well-received recipes at this year´s forum. A travel back in time to enrich the medieval almadroc sauce (a mix of almonds, cheese, garlic and olive oil) delighted experts and visitors.

Among well-known chefs and restaurants, like the Adrià brothers Ferrán and Albert from El Bulli Foundation or Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz Restaurant), were some fresh names.

Jordi Limón, (from Somorrostro restaurant at Barcelona) was highly acclaimed by the audience for his surprising tasting — a very funny and delicious game of guess what?

Innovation was the key for the proposals of Manuel Tenllado (Bodega Monumental restaurant of Barcelona) with his desserts: Catalonian cream fluffy pie with Agramunt turron and a very personal piece of pain au chocolat with olive oil and marine salt.

Meanwhile Àlex Suñé from Mil921 Barcelona restaurant, was recognized for his blends: goose liver with white wine, ice-cream, raspberries and olive oil and a spectacular ice cream with cockles, sweet paprika and (of course) extra virgin Spanish olive oil.

In a more traditional way, Martí Terès, with his blend of olive oil with classics like traditional bread, cheese and smoked food was highly acclaimed by visitors.

The olive oil marmalades, with variations of regular and spicy, was the work of Teresa Puig and her Or Vell restaurant team. Puig said: “We worked with a biologist until getting the texture and flavor we were looking for, not very sweet or oily”

A huge selection of Spanish olive oil and tastings completed the activity at Fórum Gastronómico of Barcelona.

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