Olive Oil Times, the online publication for consumers and food industry professionals has launched a comprehensive guide to the world’s olive oils on its popular website. The guide, which is free for olive oil producers to list their brands, will index thousands of olive oils from every region, said Curtis Cord, publisher of Olive Oil Times.


“Our readers said they wanted a place to learn about olive oils beyond their local markets. They’re curious about olive oils from Chile, New Zealand, South Africa — the different varieties and tastes,” said Cord. “At the same time, producers deserve a place to speak directly with these engaged consumers about their histories, production methods and the characteristics of the olive oils they craft.”

The new guide comes at a time when a seemingly endless stream of scientific studies has confirmed the health benefits of olive oil, and consumers around the world are becoming more aware of the many different types available.

Similar to wine, the characteristics of extra virgin olive oil are determined by factors like terroir, cultivars, production methods and, most importantly, the level of care and countless decisions by olive oil makers throughout the process.

To help sort it out, the Olive Oil Times Guide is searchable by country, olive variety and the degree of fruitiness. Or, readers can simply flip from one oil to the next, winding through the world’s olive oil brands, discovering their endless varieties, and the stories behind the bottles.

Information in the guide is submitted directly by the producers themselves, with Olive Oil Times editors only making small corrections where needed. “We’re seeing submissions from 20 or 30 countries, and from many producers who are not English-speaking,” said Cord, “so we need to help with the translation and make the index legible, while keeping intact as much as possible the message the producers want to convey about their products to our readers. Olive oil makers are a passionate group, so it’s best not to change their words around too much.”

Readers will see new guide features rolled out in the weeks and months ahead that will aid in their search and discovery of the great range of olive oils produced in the world. “Every enhancement we make to this section of Olive Oil Times will be guided by our mission, which is to educate and inform our audience within a useful and entertaining interface,” said Cord.

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