Tom Mueller, who wrote the 2012 book, Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, responded today to criticism surrounding a New York Times infographic on olive oil fraud that cited the author as its source.

The Times piece contained statements industry experts, and some readers, have called sensational and inaccurate.
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Mueller sent his statement in an email to Olive Oil Times:

Earlier, Mueller said he “knew nothing” about the Times piece and was “dismayed” that his name was attached to it. “The author and I spoke briefly by phone, and we exchanged an email, in both of which I gave him general info on the olive oil industry, and pointed him in the direction of more info,” he said.

The graphic, that the New York Times called “interactive” despite having no way for readers to comment, contained a number of statements that have alarmed industry experts with their inaccuracies and fueled yet another debate about an industry at least as rife with misinformation as it is with fraud.

Sources say the New York Times will soon be revising the piece, taking into account information it has received over the past few days.

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