Anyone who buys olive oil will want to consider a new course offered by the International Olive Oil School, the online educational venture established by Olive Oil Times to foster knowledge about all aspects of olive oil.

The newest addition to the school’s expanding catalog of courses, Olive Oil Quality Assurance is a five-lesson series taught by well-known experts Dan Flynn, Sue Langstaff and Selina Wang from the University of California at Davis Olive Center, and Leandro Ravetti, from Australia’s award-winning producer Boundary Bend.
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The groundbreaking course will educate retail, foodservice, restaurant and distribution professionals on state-of-the-art practices by examining factors that influence olive oil quality at every step along the supply chain, from the grove to the consumer.

The series will consist of five daily 90-minute sessions during the week of June 16, 2014. Each lesson will stream live, beginning at 8:00 PM (UCT). Participants will ask questions in real time via an onscreen chat box. Those who are not able to attend the live sessions will be able to view the recorded versions up to thirty days after they air.

Participants will receive via courier in advance of the lessons a set of six, cobalt-blue tasting glasses specifically designed and certified for olive oil analysis, and samples selected to illustrate various quality characteristics during guided tastings throughout the course.

Those who successfully complete the series will receive an Olive Oil Quality Assurance certificate from the International Olive Oil School.

Cord said the new course exemplifies the vision behind the school. “This innovative series is what the International Olive Oil School is all about — tapping renowned experts around the world in interactive courses designed to advance awareness of this vital food.” The broadening catalog will soon include an advanced certificate series on sensory analysis, and free programming featuring guest lecturers on various olive oil-related topics.

University of California at Davis Olive Center executive director Dan Flynn said teaming up with IOOS allows the Center to reach a broad audience with timely information on olive oil quality, and further its educational objectives.

“Those who are responsible for olive oil anywhere along the supply chain need to know what we are presenting in this course,” said Flynn. “We will provide tools to obtain better quality at any price point.”

Course details and registration information can be found on the International Olive Oil School website.

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