nudo-to-marks-and-spencer-find-your-own-treeJason Gibb, founder of olive oil producer Nudo, says the British retailer Marks and Spencer copied his company’s logo for its own olive oil range, according to a report today in the London Evening Standard.

While they are similar at first glance, the tree designs do differ in a few ways. The M&S version is much thicker at the base, and has the stature of a millenial tree. It appears to have four main branches.

The Nudo tree, on the other hand, with three branches, leans strongly to one side and is vaguely reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz apple trees as they twist and turn to throw apples at Dorothy and the Scarecrow.

The leaves on the trees look similarly enlarged, but if they were true to scale, you would not be able to discern their iconic olive leaf shape.

What do you think? Did M&S steal Nudo’s tree?

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