Culinary and olive oil enthusiasts are signing up for an upcoming online course from the International Olive Oil School (IOOS) titled Introduction to Tasting and Pairing Olive Oils. The class will be taught live and online by Eataly’s olive oil expert Nicholas Coleman and resident chef at La Scuola di Eataly Alicia Walter on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM (EDT).

Nicholas Coleman

In this dynamic 150-minute course, Coleman and Walter will lead participants through the basics of olive oil tasting, quality assessment methods and food pairing techniques. Regardless of where they are in the world, participants will be provided with samples of award-winning extra virgin olive oils and course materials in advance of the program. During the session, Coleman will lead a discussion on the reasons for the oils’ unique tastes and participants will learn how to analyze various organoleptic qualities. Coleman will also guide participants through the mechanics of olive oil tasting and quality assessment protocols.

With Coleman’s own photographs and videos from his years touring olive groves internationally, students will be delving further into the myriad factors which impact the quality of olive oil, including the production process — from the tree to the table — with particular focus on agronomy, harvesting techniques and pressing methods. Proper storage, health benefits and structured approaches for selecting olive oils will also be covered. For the culinary portion of the program, Chef Walter will detail applications and uses of olive oil in cooking. Harkening back to the ancient adage “what grows together, goes together,” she will demonstrate how to prepare three hyper-regional dishes that showcase the selected olive oils and the cuisine of the areas from which they originate.

Alicia Walter

Coleman is excited to offer this program to a global audience. “Extra virgin olive oil is, perhaps after salt, the most fundamental ingredient in the culinary world. Few foods are as versatile or as useful to both the home and professional cook. A wide variety of high quality oils has enriched the market over the past few years. How best to pair them with the appropriate cuisines and courses requires and understanding of their individual virtues.”

Coleman and Walter have been teaching olive oil and food pairing courses together for years at Eataly, New York. The two have developed a synergistic teaching style, allowing for a course that flows seamlessly between technical assessments of olive oils to comprehensive explanations of the production journey to the intricacies of choosing foods with which oils properly pair. Students will have direct access to Coleman’s deep and rich knowledge base as well as Walter’s experience as a renowned chef and will be able to ask these experts questions in real time.

Registration for the course closes soon. For more information, please visit the International Olive Oil School website.

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