By Olive Oil Times Staff

You might say we have too much time on our hands, but we were playing around with a tool called Twitter StreamGraphs from Neoformix to see what people were thinking about when their Twitter updates contained the words “olive oil.”

It struck us how different the words were than those most mentioned in Olive Oil Times, which we found in our analytics: virgin, extra, California, times, health, Davis, cook, Australia, council, new, produce, business, review, Mediterranean, producer, diet, world.

In contrast, those who mentioned olive oil on Twitter in the past few hours were clearly discussing its immediate application in their meal: butter, bread, salt, garlic, tomato, beef, lemon, pepper, pasta.

The conclusion we drew from the thirty minutes spent on this fascinating study? Time for lunch.

Seriously, there’s something to be said (and we’re just the ones to say it) for taking a peak at the virtual stream of consciousness around our favorite topic.

Click on the images to see the graphs, or generate a new one HERE.

As if that weren’t enough we checked out the other Neoformix tools to delve deeply (or, maybe not so deeply) into the minds of those who included the
8 characters o – l – i – v – e – o – i – l, among their carefully chosen 140.





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