The chalices that transport our liquid gold can often be as unique-in-shape as the flavors that lie within. But what about the shape of the oil itself?

We’re not talking molecular structure or organic chemistry. Two products released this month are bringing innovation in the way that we consume our olive oil.


Tenuta Sant ’Ilario of Pineto, Italy has created a sphere-shaped olive oil, Sferolio. The oil is contained in a colorless, tasteless natural gelatin membrane. The company explains that it allows the flavors of the oil to stand on their own to provide a finishing touch to any dish.

Sferolio oil can withstand temperatures up to 60°C (140°F). Tenuta plans to release a full product line of oil-filled stars, hearts and ‘spaghetti’ shapes. It is available in London specialty shops.

In Chile, winery and olive oil oil producer TerraMater has released something a bit more down-to earth. Untella Caste is a spread made from extra virgin olive oil with vegetable oil and cocoa butter.

While many companies in the US offer a spread that contains olive oil, most have a composition featuring olive oil in a very small amount. Recipes are available online featuring nothing but olive oil, requiring the cook to simply freeze and thaw to achieve a creamy, spreadable consistency.

Untella Caste is available at Emporio TerraMater.

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